Rich & Gardner Partners with Paris Hill Cat Hospital to Renovate Their New Space

Considering cats have 230 bones, 24 more bones than an adult human, it would only make sense that they would require specialized care from trained professionals – and that’s exactly what the Paris Hill Cat Hospital does.

Rich & Gardner have taken on plenty of projects that benefit various groups in need, including veterinary clinics, but until now, they had yet to work on a project that focused exclusively on cats. And while this project shared some of its features with other healthcare-related projects, it was a wonderful and new experience to work with a passionate team of animal lovers whose number one priority is ensuring that the cats are well cared for.

Initially, Rich & Gardner was contacted by NVA’s Construction coordination firm, S4X Global, to determine if they were interested in the internal renovation of the cat hospital. After reviewing the project scope, Rich & Gardner decided this was a project they were more than happy to take on, assuming the role of the general contractor.

After reviewing all of the project details and working out the project plan, all that was left for Rich & Gardner to do was to get started. So, with this exciting new project confirmed and with a plan set in place, Rich & Gardner couldn’t wait to get the agreed-upon renovations set in motion.

Constructing the New Paris Hill Cat Hospital

In December 2021, the Paris Hill Cat Hospital’s renovations commenced. While the project had its fair share of challenges throughout, the renovations still managed to stay within the allocated timeline, resulting in the project reaching completion in May 2022.

Located at 28 Robinson Road in Clinton, New York, the Paris Hill Cat Hospital officially reopened for business on June 28, 2022, with both the people and the cats loving their new space. This project presented its own set of challenges, but it was nothing Rich and Gardner couldn’t handle. From finding existing conditions that changed the project scope, as well as additions to the scope, to challenges with material availability and the floor plan layout, Rich & Gardner was able to overcome these challenges by providing timely and cost-effective solutions.

The number one thing for Rich & Gardner was to ensure that, despite all the challenges presented, they could keep the project moving along productively without sacrificing any quality. Rich & Gardner accomplished this by reacting quickly to each and every challenge to ensure that the project would continue to move forward efficiently, utilizing their exceptional team and subcontractor resources to get the job done.

It was another fulfilling project for Rich & Gardner, as the newly renovated space transformed the atmosphere of the cat hospital and would now be able to help even more cats get the health services and proper care that they need. Overall the project was a success, and the Paris Hill Cat Hospital now had a new and improved space to call home.

What This Project Has Meant to the Community

It is well known that pet owners love their pets, and people, in general, enjoy nice spaces, so the newly renovated Paris Hill Cat Hospital is the perfect combination of both. Former clients and new clients alike have commented on the convenience of the new location while expressing their content with the new space.

What truly makes a difference to the community is that the Paris Hill Cat Hospital wants to be better for their clients. They accomplished this by relocating to a new space and putting in the time and effort into making it a safe and enjoyable place – no matter what their clients may be coming in for. Most of the time, bringing a pet to the vet is stressful for humans and animals, so this new space aims to create a comforting space where people know that their beloved cats are in good hands.

The Paris Hill Cat Hospital has meant a lot to many of their clients, with the overall sentiment being that they are kind, compassionate, professional, and empathetic towards both their human and cat clients. The Paris Hill Cat Hospital makes a difference in the lives of their clients, as not every visit ends the way everyone had hoped, but with their incredible staff and improved space, every moment spent there makes a difference.

Partnering With Paris Hill Cat Hospital

Although it was a construction coordination firm that first reached out to Rich & Gardner, the team quickly developed a relationship with the Paris Hill Cat Hospital’s staff involved in the renovations’ plans and project scope. And while the project was relatively short in terms of its completion timeline, throughout the project, it was evident how much compassion and love each and every person working at Paris Hill Cat Hospital has for their work.

Opening for the first time in 1993, the Paris Hill Cat Hospital has always been a safe place for people to bring their cats, whether for a brief check-up or to address specific health concerns. Since then, they have helped thousands of cats by providing exceptional veterinary health care, always holding the belief that kindness matters most.

The Paris Hill Cat Hospital is considered a safe haven for cats as their unique model of only servicing felines ensures that their clients do not suffer additional stress from the scent and sounds of other animals. Their care and compassion for their clients is something that Rich and Gardner admires, as it is evident that they are making a difference in their community, which is an important trait for Rich & Gardner’s partners to have.

Their commitment, dedication, and passion for what they do is something the Rich & Gardner team could relate to, making the Paris Hill Cat Hospital a great partner to work with. Rich & Gardner could not have been more pleased with the finished project, and working with the Paris Hill Cat Hospital was an absolute pleasure.

Rich & Gardner hopes to work with the Paris Hill Cat Hospital on future projects, as this partnership has been enjoyable and greatly rewarding.

What’s Next?

Rich & Gardner was honored to have the opportunity to work with the Paris Hill Cat Hospital, making a difference in the lives of all the people and cats that work with them. Rich & Gardner hopes that the new space continues to provide a comforting and safe atmosphere for the staff and the hospital’s clients alike. For those interested in viewing the new space, check out the Paris Hill Cat Hospital’s finished photos.

Here at Rich & Gardner, we believe in long-lasting partnerships that evolve as our projects do. Partnerships, like our projects, take time and come with their own set of challenges, but every single one is rewarding in its own way, so if you’re looking for a construction partner for your next project, contact Rich & Gardner today.

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