Supporting the Community with Syracuse Utilities

Since 1974, Syracuse Utilities has been a fundamental part of the CNY community. The company was founded with a mission: Provide excellent service for customers at a reasonable price. By remaining true to its mission and keeping a community-oriented mindset, Syracuse Utilities has managed to be a long-standing part of the community.

Syracuse Utilities: A Company for the Community

From when the company was first founded in 1974 to now, Syracuse Utilities has been committed to excellence and forward-thinking. It is this mindset, along with their commitment to the local area they serve, that makes them such an integral part of the community.

Syracuse Utilities is a utility construction company that specializes in civil construction, aerial line construction, concrete foundations, vacuum excavation, fiber optics, and rock drilling. For nearly 50 years, Syracuse Utilities has worked with local people and companies in the area to provide these services.

The company’s full list of services include:

  • Civil Construction 
  • Concrete Foundations & Structures
  • Fiber Optic Placement & Splicing
  • Trenching (Rock & Dirt) 
  • Rock Drilling (Pole Hole)
  • Manhole Construction
  • Aerial Line Construction
  • Vacuum Excavation 
  • Horizontal Auger Boring
  • Conduit Systems
  • Directional Drilling
  • Cable & Line Plowing
  • Street Lighting
  • On & Off-Road Pole Sets

Syracuse Utilities provides services to telecommunications, cellular, broadband, and utility companies. The company also works with government agencies, schools, contractors, and individuals.

Some notable companies that the team at Syracuse Utilities serves are Bristol-Myers Squibb, Development Authority North Country, and National Grid. Syracuse Utilities provides high-quality work for these companies because they value customer satisfaction. They strive to perform as much work as possible with their own workers and equipment so that they can have more control over the quality of work they provide.

Customer relations are a top priority for Syracuse Utilities. By focusing on building long-term relationships with their customers, Syracuse Utilities has been able to flourish into the company they are today. Syracuse Utilities stays true to its mission by ensuring each of its customers receives superior customer service. The team at Syracuse Utilities provides 24/7 assistance. This commitment to their customers has allowed them to stand out as a top service provider in the utility and infrastructure construction industry. 

At the core of a good company, are well-trained employees. Syracuse Utilities is a great example of this. Worker safety is a top priority for Syracuse Utilities. To ensure the safety of employees, Syracuse Utilities does all of its safety training in-house. Whether it’s 10-hour training, 30-hour training, 40-training, or HAZWOPER training, all of the training is done by Syracuse Utilities.

Rich and Gardner Works with Syracuse Utilities

As Syracuse Utilities grows as a company, so does their need for a space that suits their business. That is where we come in to help. Our team at Rich and Gardner was contracted to do a project for Syracuse Utilities so that Syracuse Utilities can continue supporting the local community. 

Syracuse Utilities has offices in Brewerton, Watertown, Weedsport, and Albany. Our team recently finished construction for Syracuse Utilities’ new headquarters in Brewerton. 

The project consisted of a 4500 sq. ft ground-up construction with a full basement. Our team was able to provide Syracuse Utilities with a full-service general contractor for the duration of the construction. Our general contracting service provided Syracuse Utilities with expertise and knowledge throughout the construction.

We’ve completed a wide array of projects since we were first founded in 1988, with each project being different from the one before. We know that every company is unique, and Syracuse Utilities is no exception to that statement. 

Our Design/Build technique allowed Syracuse Utilities to have more say in the construction of the projects so that the construction met their distinct business needs. This allowed the project to be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. With the Design/Build construction, Syracuse Utilities was able to get exactly the construction they desired without compromising their time spent working with the community. 

Innovative Construction for the Future of Syracuse Utilities

The ground-up construction for the Syracuse utility headquarters is complete, but there is still more to come.

Currently, we are working on renovating the basement for Syracuse Utilities. When the basement renovation is complete, Syracuse Utilities will have a training room in the basement. Because Syracuse Utilities does all of its training in-house, this will be a beneficial addition to the building. 

The basement construction will be complete by the end of this year.

We at Rich and Gardner are proud to have partnered with Syracuse Utilities on their recent growth. Our team knows that the work Syracuse Utilities provides for the community is essential. Supporting a community is an important job, and we are committed to making sure Syracuse Utilities gets superior support throughout the construction process. 

If your business is considering renovating or building, contact us for more information on what we can do for you.


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