Rich & Gardner’s Ongoing Partnership with Oneida Health

Partnerships, whether personal or professional, are most successful when a certain level of trust has been established and maintained. Building this level of trust takes time and commitment from both sides of the partnership, which is a priority for the Rich & Gardner team. By prioritizing the construction of long-lasting partnerships and people-first relationships, Rich & Gardner has created a partner-first reputation.

One of Rich & Gardner’s phenomenal partners is Oneida Health (OHC). This long-standing partnership has resulted in the two teams collaborating on various projects, including Oneida Health’s Cancer Care Center (partnered with Roswell Park) and, more recently, the Women’s Health Building.

In fostering this partnership, both Oneida Health and Rich & Gardner have made a real difference in making healthcare more accessible for those in the local and surrounding communities. See Rich & Gardner’s work with Oneida Health.

Oneida Health: Investing in Community

Oneida Health is well known in the local communities, not just for their dedication to providing the best care in the best facilities, but also for their long-standing history within the community and global affiliations.

Originally, Oneida Health, formerly known as Oneida City Hospital, was started by the Presbyterian Church in 1894 to provide a treatment room for victims of railroad accidents. By 1899, they had their first official building – a small hospital featuring four beds. From there, Oneida Health continued to grow, continually expanding the areas in which they provide their health care services to meet the community’s diverse needs.

On January 1, 1996, Oneida City Hospital became Oneida Health Center, a private, not-for-profit voluntary organization. Since their transition, Oneida Health has built various health centers, prioritizing and catering the location, function, and services provided to the needs of those within the surrounding communities.

More recently, Oneida Healthcare was one of seven hospitals in New York to receive the highest 5-star quality rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2021. Not only have they been recognized by CMS for their exceptional care, but they are also the only facility in Central New York to be recognized for their quality each year by The Leapfrog Group.

They have established themselves as a great workplace, ranking number one on Zippia’s list of ‘Best Companies to Work for in Oneida, NY.’ While the care they provide to their patients has been consistently highly rated, they also place a significant amount of value on the health and happiness of their employees. Along with ranking as a top employer within their local community, employees are vocal about their positive experiences being a part of Oneida Health’s outstanding team, dedicated to hard work and collaboration.

The experience of partnering with Oneida Health is unparalleled. They not only aim to provide the best medical care, but they go about it in a way that emphasizes the human aspect – demonstrating to every patient that they deserve the best care. This also comes through in how they approach each of their partnerships. They work hard to establish trust and respect, making each team member feel seen and valued individually, proving that their compassion extends beyond patients and colleagues to everyone everywhere.

Shared Values Within the Partnership

For Rich & Gardner, a potential partner’s fundamental values are one of the most important factors to consider when they are determining if the partnership will be a good fit. When the values conflict with one another, a successful partnership becomes challenging, which is why the Rich & Gardner team takes the time to ensure that each potential partner’s values, mission, and vision align with that of the Rich & Gardner Brand.

Oneida Health is no exception to this rule. With their defined core values consisting of “excellence, respect, integrity, compassion, teamwork, safety, and stewardship,” it was evident early on that Oneida Health would make an excellent long-term partner.

Oneida Health’s motto, “exceptional care… always!” sets the tone for the care and commitment partners and patients can expect to receive. Each member of Oneida Health’s team, which is made up of 3000 employees, pledges that they are fully committed to their patients, coworkers, and overall community, resulting in a dedicated culture centralized around providing exceptional care and customer service at all times.

With kindness and compassion at the heart of everything they do, it was an easy decision to initially partner with Oneida Health and an even easier decision to maintain and further develop the partnership into what it is today. Thanks to partners such as Oneida Health, the Rich & Gardner team gets to make a positive difference in their communities. Whether creating a new health center design or ensuring safety practices are being followed onsite, we all get to be a part of the process that drives change and improves the lives of those around us.

The Future of Rich & Gardner Partnerships

Here at Rich & Gardner, we are proud of our partners’ successes; we view their successes as our own, pushing us to thrive in our work, reach new heights, and set bigger goals, forging a trust-based, long-lasting partnership that enables both partners to grow stronger – together.

Partners like Oneida Health are the foundation of Rich & Gardner’s success within the construction industry. Our partnerships lift us up while simultaneously helping us further develop and expand our services to meet all of our partners’ needs. Without all the fantastic partnerships our company has made, we would not be where we are today.

Do you have an upcoming project that needs a partner-focused community leader to help with the contracting, design and building, or general construction management? If this sounds like you, or you’d like to learn more about Rich & Gardner Construction Co. and what we do, please reach out to us today!

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