Rich & Gardner Partners with Crouse Community to Build the Crouse Community Day Center

Rich & Gardner places great value on building meaningful partnerships and bettering the community. So, when Crouse Community needed a General Contractor to build their new Community Day Center, Rich & Gardner was more than happy to take the project on – bringing Holmes King Kallquist & Associates as the architects to assist in the project design.

Every community benefits substantially from Community Day Centers, which is why it’s so important to have partners like Crouse Community who prioritize projects that serve the community above all else. The purpose of community day centers is to provide community members with direct access to social and preventative services, many of whom otherwise would have little to no support resources.

Due to the beneficial nature of the future community day center, Rich & Gardner are doing all they can to ensure that the construction is completed safely and timely. This is why by the end of August, the site set to house the new Community Day Center had already been fully cleared, enabling the construction of the building to commence in September.

Crouse Community Day Center: Project Overview

While community day centers may differ in their primary functions and offered services, they all share the same purpose – to create a safe space for those in need of a little extra help. Whether these centers cater to the elderly, physically disabled, or those struggling with developmental issues, the primary goal remains the same. By providing necessary resources to those in need, these day centers demonstrate just how valuable they are to the surrounding communities, amplifying the importance of expanding their reach.

The Crouse Community Day Center’s construction began in September 2022 and is set to conclude in April 2023. Once completed, community members will be able to visit the day center, located at 3458 South Street, Morrisville, NY, which resides between the Crouse Community Center and the Morrisville Family Health Center.

The goal of the Crouse Community Day Center is to better the community through the additional resources and services the center is set to provide. For the center to meet the needs of everyone they aim to aid, there are two core components that the building must include. The first is that it must be designed and built in a way that is functional for its intended purpose, and the second is that it must fit in with the surrounding community in terms of its appearance.

As the general contractors, Rich & Gardner’s primary role is to construct the building, so the Rich & Gardner team worked tirelessly with the engineering and architectural teams to ensure that the design incorporated the intended functionality and aesthetics. A project design is a project’s expected outcome, so the Rich & Gardner team needs to be involved in the entire process to guarantee that the final building they construct matches the final design.

Every new project comes with its own set of challenges, and for this particular project, most of the challenges were a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. From delays in funding to timeline extensions, there was no shortage of issues. And yet, despite every challenge, Rich & Gardner and Crouse Community were able to employ collaborative efforts to resolve these issues, ensuring that the project would stay within the two years allocated for its design and construction.

The value the completed project will bring to the community is immeasurable. The Crouse Community will have more space and resources at their disposal, allowing them to expand their reach and increase the number of people they can help at a time. The Crouse Community Day Center will improve the quality of life for many, proving to have a positive impact that reaches far beyond those directly impacted.

Related Project: Community View Apartments

Not only are Rich & Gardner the general contractors for the Crouse Community Day Center, but they have also teamed up with Crouse Community and Christopher Community to develop and construct the Community View Apartments. The Crouse Community Day Center and the Community View Apartments are being built simultaneously, providing the surrounding communities with two new valuable resources upon completion.

The Community View Apartments will cater specifically to the senior population. The apartments will contain 61 units to provide seniors in need with affordable housing. The purpose of this apartment building is to provide affordable housing to seniors while fostering a sense of community in which everyone is treated fairly and compassionately.

The approval process to secure local, state, federal, and private funding requires lots of hard work, and luckily, all of this hard work paid off. Thanks to the efforts of various funding partners, Christopher Community has received 19 million dollars in funding to support the design and development of the Community View Apartments.

It’s not every day that Rich & Gardner get to work on two separate projects that both cater to improving the lives of those in need simultaneously, especially when both projects share such influential community partners. These projects will truly make a difference to the local communities, enabling many more people to access affordable housing and services provided by the day center.

Crouse Community Partnership

Partnering with community leaders like Crouse Community is one of the ways that Rich & Gardner are able to give back to their communities. All it takes is a little collaboration with the right people to fully realize what it takes to make a lasting difference. And working with Crouse Community on not one but two community-benefitting projects does just that.

As an organization, Crouse Community positively impacts the communities they serve by offering various services to families in need. These services range from rehabilitation and outpatient therapy to long-term and subacute care, all provided by their highly-skilled and well-trained team. Their core values are founded on the idea that neighbors care for neighbors, highlighting their goal to “treat your family like our family,” ensuring everyone is respected, valued, and treated equally.

The partnership between Crouse Community and Rich & Gardner is no exception to Crouse Community’s goal. Both parties respect and value each other the same way Crouse Community respects and values all of the families their services support. The entire Crouse Community team is incredible to work with, making for a genuinely remarkable and impactful partnership. One that is not based on how each party can benefit the other but on how the parties can work together to help everyone else.

Crouse Community continues to demonstrate the value of building a compassionate community through their continued efforts to expand their services and offerings, of which Rich & Gardner is lucky enough to be a part of as the construction partner for the Crouse Community Day Center.

What’s Next?

Crouse Community truly is an exceptional support system for countless families and individuals in need. It is Rich & Gardner’s hope that they will have many opportunities to collaborate again in the future.

Considering both of the projects Rich & Gardner have partnered with Crouse Community to construct are still ongoing, there will likely be future project updates as the project draws closer to its completion date. That said, Rich & Gardner is always looking to take on new projects and form new partnerships, both of which they will develop and build to be long-lasting and high-quality.

If you’re in the market for a general contractor to build your next design, contact Rich & Gardner today to determine if their services are a good fit for your project’s needs.

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