Rich and Gardner’s Completion of Credit Union New Branch in Rome

The GPO Credit Union is one of the most popular credit unions in the United States. However, it did not start as a credit union open to everyone. In 1931, many postal employees in Utica needed to save their earnings. 

The issue was that these workers did not have access to banking services. At that time, the Great Depression was taking a toll on the country, and things were tough for everyone.

Around that time, a few postal employees decided to come up with a small union to save some money. They named it the Utica Postal Credit Union. Its membership consisted of employees based in the Federal Building, which is located in Utica.

For quite some time, the credit union provided splendid services to its members, and as a result, it quickly became the envy of many other Federal employees who wished to join. Because of this interest, the top echelons decided to open up the union and accommodate more people. By around 1967, almost 350 people had joined the organization.

The excellent track record of the union endeared it to more employers, and many sought to add their employees to its membership. By 1984, the number of people subscribing to the union had grown tremendously. With the ever-increasing membership size, the management decided to change the name to something more befitting. At that time, the union was renamed the Government, Postal, and Occupational Federal Credit Union.

The GPO Federal Credit Union serves over 30,000 members from different regions today. Some of these regions include Oneida, Herkimer, Otsego, Fulton, and Madison.

Expansion And Growth

In realizing the need to offer efficient service and product delivery, the union has undertaken several initiatives—one of the most recent initiatives being the construction of a branch in Rome.

This particular outlet is located at 1701 N.James St. and is expected to bridge the gap between the service provider and its clients in the region. Keep in mind that over 1 billion people globally still have no access to essential financial services. The new service branch will include a state-of-the-art drive-through ATM to ensure customer convenience. 

The branch will also allow members to access loans and enjoy an array of other financial services, including deposit and loan requests. Also included in the building is a modern conference room that will make it possible for the union to offer free financial counseling and educational sessions to people in the region.

These products will undoubtedly go a long way in ensuring members enjoy the benefit of being informed with regards to how to manage finances. In addition, the union hopes to enlighten customers to various financial solutions by opening the Rome branch while also providing employment opportunities to people in the area. 

Additionally, the union takes its social responsibilities seriously. That is why it even donated $5000 to Rome Health during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Rome-based building.

GPO Federal Credit Union administrators attribute its past and present successes to members and clients who choose to subscribe to available products and services. The credit union also owes its successes to other partners that support growing and expanding its reach.

Speaking Of Partnerships

The GPO Federal Credit Union chose to work with Rich & Gardner Construction company to realize this dream of opening a new branch. Our construction company is responsible for developing the 3000 square foot building in Rome.

Our company was founded back in 1988 and has over the years developed some of the most notable buildings in the world. We offer design and construction services, which means we can help in the design stages and oversee the construction of the building. In addition, the company can also undertake renovation or upgrade services on various facilities.

Since its establishment, our general contracting has worked on over 1000 projects spanning all sizes and scopes. Our rich history of success and dedication to offering the best services endeared us to GPO Federal Credit Union. As a result, we decided to form a partnership to make their dream of expansion a reality.

Some of our services fall under the automotive industry, educational sector, and retail industry. Others include corporate offices, historic buildings, healthcare facilities, religious buildings, and more.

Specifically, our services include cost estimation, designing from an architectural point, building and construction management. Depending on your preferences, you can subscribe to design-build or any of these services.

GPO Rome Branch Opening

After successfully completing the GPO Federal Credit Union Rome branch, customers can look forward to enjoying some of the most exceptional financial services. 

Individuals will be free to walk into the premises and make any financial inquiries they may have. What’s more, they’ll be able to deposit cash, seek loans, and access other financial services provided by the credit union. 

The success of the GPO Federal Credit Union has, over the years, become an inspiration to many. The union hopes the opening of its Rome branch is a precursor to more good things to come.

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