Rich & Gardner’s Rebuild of Bianchi’s Pizza Pad

Just a few days before Christmas of 2021, a Solvay staple for delicious and authentic pizza was destroyed by a fire. Though the community was devastated by the sudden loss of the pizza shop—Bianchi’s Pizza Pad—locals and supporters of the business quickly came together to help the beloved pizza spot get back on its feet. This absolute outpouring of support has allowed the business to begin the process of rebuilding.

Keep reading to learn more about the heartwarming story behind the rebuild of Bianchi’s Pizza Pad, and how Rich & Gardner is helping to get the restaurant up and running again.

The History Behind Bianchi’s Pizza Pad

Bianchi’s Pizza Pad, located in Syracuse’s suburb of Solvay, had been in business for 53 years before the fire. The family owned and operated business has been a local favorite for years, featuring traditional pizzas, specialty pizzas, wings, sandwiches, pastas and more. At the time of the fire, the pizza pad was owned by Lori and Sam Mangano. 

The devastating fire was called in at 8:05 p.m. on Dec. 20, 2021. When the Mangano couple originally heard about the fire, their first concern was that everyone made it out safely. Two of The Mangano’s relatives lived above the pizza parlor and had to be rescued by the responding firefighters. The residents fortunately made it out of the building safely. 

Local firefighters were quick to respond and begin putting out the fire. Fortunately none of the residents in the upstairs apartment were harmed. The Manganos and local community members were extremely saddened by the tragic loss of the beloved restaurant. Community members and neighbors of the establishment were so disheartened by the loss of Bianchi’s, that they decided to come together to help the Mangano family rebuild their pride and joy.

Members of the community started a GoFundMe to help rebuild the restaurant. The GoFundMe has raised a total of $27,380.

The thoughtful gestures from members of the community didn’t end there. According to CNY Central, the outpouring of support for Bianchi’s Pizza Pad has come in so many different forms. The article quotes Lori Mangano as saying, “People coming and saying ‘we can help you clean up, what do you need.’ We’ve had individuals say, ‘you can come use our kitchen at our house to do whatever you need.’”

The amount of support that the Mangano family has received to help rebuild their business has been extremely heartwarming. The couple has taken the money donated by supporters and began the process of rebuilding the beloved Bianchi’s Pizza Pad.

The upstairs apartment, where The Mangano’s relatives lived before the fire, is also in the process of being rebuilt. 

The Rebuilding of the Pizza Pad

The Mangano family has contracted Rich & Gardner to rebuild Bianchi’s Pizza Pad. Our team at Rich & Gardner is honored to be a part of the rebuilding of such a community staple. 

We’ve been able to provide the Manganos with a General Contractor and Construction Management throughout the duration of the project. This ensures that the project goes smoothly, quickly and saves the family money. 

We’ve also applied our Design-Build method to this project. The Design-Build method allows for designing and construction to come from a single source. This makes for faster completion of the project, as well as gives the Mangano family more say in the design and construction of the renovated restaurant.

Completion of the Bianchi’s Pizza Pad rebuild is projected to be very soon. The pizza pad reopening is planned for this year. Lori and Sam Mangano are thrilled to reopen their business. The community is thrilled as well.

There is no doubt in our mind that Bianchi’s Pizza Pad will continue to receive immense support from the community once they reopen their doors. The restaurant has been a local favorite for 53 years and we are honored to be able to help the restaurant rebuild and continue their success as a local pizza staple. 

Continue to check our website to see the fully completed rebuild once construction on Bianchi’s Pizza Pad is completed. And be sure to order and enjoy a delicious meal from Bianchi’s once the restaurant’s doors finally open again! 

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