Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Rich & Gardner is passionate about sustainability as we partner with Livingston Energy Group to bring electric charging infrastructure to our clients.

Livingston Energy Group provides electric vehicle charging solutions to its clients through innovation, and sustainable technology development.

  • Comprehensive catalog of equipment and software
  • Project services with end-to-end options
  • Incentives and funding for energy solutions projects
  • operations and maintenance with ongoing service
  • 24/7 station and driver support

Livingston Energy Group

A solution provider since 2016, Livingston offers a full suite of turnkey services and equipment across North America for the installation and management of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the required infrastructure. 

Assisting the fleet operators and facility managers of agencies, utilities, municipalities, and commercial properties in establishing private and public charging solutions, we provide an array of Level 2 and DCFC (L3) charging equipment and custom software solutions to meet the needs of a growing electric fleet. 

Our driving purpose is to facilitate the adoption of increasingly efficient technologies and reducing overall energy consumption while minimizing upfront investments and saving our clients on operating expenses.

Robust Charging Networks

In addition to our well-established charging station solutions we currently offer, our company is actively committed to hardware and software development, specifically aimed at improving user experiences for both station owners and drivers.

As we aim to build an increasingly robust EV charging network for the benefit of all station owners, drivers, and stakeholders, Livingston Energy Group is dedicated to enabling the future of sustainable and cost-effective EV charging infrastructure throughout municipalities, workplaces, residential multi-unit dwellings, and other public areas. 

Sustainable, cost effective charging infrastructure is just a call away.

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