Construction on Camillus Heights Apartments is Complete

We’re pleased to announce that the Camillus Heights Apartments are now complete and ready to accommodate tenants. The building is a Christopher Community project, and as Rich and Gardner, we’re happy to be the sole constructor of the building.

History of Christopher Community 

Christopher Community is a non-profit firm that develops and manages elderly and senior housing facilities in New York. The firm has private houses throughout Onondaga County. It’s been the leading company in terms of community-based housing initiatives since its creation in 1971. The main agenda of the firm is to provide federal rentals for individuals, families, seniors, and the disabled.

Moreover, Christopher Community has an initiative that supports homeless women and children for Chadwick Residence. With over 30 skilled professionals, the company can provide effective services to the community. These personals help to execute the following responsibilities:

  1. Accounting.
  2. Leasing.
  3. Governmental reporting.
  4.  Building operations and social services.

Property information for Camillus Heights Apartments

We built these Camillus Heights Apartments as residential houses in the town of Camillus. The property has one, two, and three-bedroom houses. As a sole constructor, we made these houses to serve low and moderate-income people. It’s a way of covering and balancing people with different financial challenges.

As instructed, we ensured that Camillus Heights Apartments has a total of 17 buildings. One of them is a community building, and the rest (16 buildings) are residential houses. 

How Many Units Are Present in The Property?

We structured the property to have a total of 60 units. These units have excellent and reliable amenities. One of the noticeable amenities is the availability of an air HVAC system which will provide central heating and air conditioning

So what is unique about these units we built? Camillus Heights Apartments has a mixed housing Design Build that accommodates different people with different needs. These units have the following;

  1. Seven well-designed one-bedroom units.
  2. Thirty-two spacious two-bedroom units.
  3. Twenty-one spacious three-bedroom units. 

With our expertise, we ensured that Camillus Heights Apartments has a perfect 16 two-story building with these sixty housing units, with each apartment unit having a private entry. The motive of every entry is to boost the security of the flats and ensure that no intruder accesses the building.

What Makes the Property Unique?

  • Our construction is energy efficient. It meets the standards of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The NYSERDA  advocates for renewable energy usage and reduces reliance on the use of fossil fuels. 
  • We positioned the Camillus Heights Apartments to be a smoke-free zone. The property ensures that non-smokers and children are safe from developing complications related to tobacco. Nonetheless, smoking is allowed in designated places that don’t affect the other tenants. The initiative ensures that all parties are safe and satisfied accordingly.
  • We excluded five units that cater to people with disabilities. Three of these units cater to people with mobility challenges. Conversely, two additional reserved units are for people with vision and hearing impairment. These selected units are devoted to ensuring that the building provides equality for all people in the society regardless of their condition.

Why it’s convenient to reside in Camillus Heights Apartments

Apart from our well-structured Design Build, the apartment has other things that make it more convenient. One of them is the availability of public transportation. Individuals commuting to work can benefit from the Centro transportation provider. The best thing is that the management partnered with Centro to ensure that tenants have appropriate transportation means. Apart from public transportation; the property has the following:

  1. The area has a low rate of crime.
  2. The highway is just 1.5 miles away.
  3. The area has well-ranked schools.
  4. The commercial area is just a mile away––you can access restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, and local retailers.
  5. The region has elite educational institutions such as Upstate Medical University.
  6. The area has various business and employment opportunities.

Rich And Gardner Partnership with Christopher Community 

We partnered with Christopher Community to ensure that Camillus Heights Apartments meets all of the requirements. With our experienced experts, we formulated a suitable Design-Build for the apartment aligned with the Christopher Community’s preferences.

  We understand the effort of the Christopher Community in helping the less fortunate access better housing facilities. That’s why we did our best in constructing the property, and the positive reviews of the project are overwhelming.

 Our effective General Contracting is a norm that we have practiced since the company’s creation in 1988. Apart from these apartments, we have completed many projects. We treat every project differently since every design-build is unique and different. The best thing is that we let our clients take control of the construction while we do our best to incorporate every aspect of the design.

If your company wants to build and renovate a property, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will deliver as you requested. For inquiries, reach us at  315-474-1900.

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